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  1. Technical surveys of buildings and constructions

    Technical surveys of buildings and constructions are means to guarantee safety of operating buildings or structures. In 2018 we conducted surveys of 21 facilities, developed technical solutions with recommendations on reconstruction and major repairs. We can develop a technical solution with conclusions and recommendations, and we can take responsibility to develop a technical task to work out emergency measures, reconstruction or major repairs.>

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  2. Design of special sections

    If you attract specialists to design special sections of the design documentation on the first stages of construction development, you can avoid serious mistakes that may cause financial and time losses. We provide complex services to support the project by developing special sections of the design documentation.>

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  3. BIM-coordinating

    BIM-coordinating is a brain centre of building information modeling, which is a serious and important task of every design company using BIM technologies. Having accumulated all solutions suggested by your specialists and contractors, we will analyze developed solutions and issue a conflict list describing all collisions, and we will bring all parts of the model to one parameterization system and unified style.>

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  4. Design of utility networks

    A complex approach to the engineering support of the facility and its infrastructure allows us to suggest efficient solutions which are included all peculiarities and requirements of the designed facility. If you are an architecture atelier, and you do not have your own engineering department, we are ready to start work at the stage of detailed work on the draft project, which lets us reduce risks of unnecessary expenses of the client at first stages of the design.>

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  5. General Design

    We offer solutions of a full cycle, functioning as a main designer starting with a choice and analyses of a plot and finishing with obtaining a permission for construction and follow-up coordination in all required authorities.>

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