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Design of utility networks

Проектирование инженерных сетей

A complex approach to the engineering support of the facility and its infrastructure allows us to suggest efficient solutions which are included all peculiarities and requirements of the designed facility.

If you are an architecture atelier, and you do not have your own engineering department, we are ready to start work at the stage of detailed work on the draft project, which lets us reduce risks of unnecessary expenses of the client at first stages of the design.

Work steps:

  • Analyses of plan solutions

  • Defining the facility requirements

  • Preliminary assessment of premises

  • Defining cross-sections of main utility networks

  • Further development of draft for utility networks

  • Correction of the plan solutions

  • Agreement of developed draft solutions with the Client.

  • Development of design documentation.

  • Expertise of design documentation

  • Development of work documentation

  • Check of work documentation by the general designer.

  • Approval of the Client