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Creation of BIM-models based on drawings

Creation of BIM-models based on drawings

If you need to issue a project or work documentation using BIM, we will help you with pleasure provided that we agree on a technical task beforehand to develop models and level of development.

Optionally within the contract to develop BIM models, we take responsibility to issue work documentation. We must be informed on that at the stage of agreement on level of development. This option let us reduce time for communication with a client at the stage of changes in the conflict list, and also specify the facility with great accuracy, and give automatically to adjoining sections a task for holes and passes through building structures, and form automatically axonometric schemes of work scale sequence.

Work steps:

  • Analyze technical solutions developed by a client.

  • Definition and agreement on level of development.

  • Modeling according with the requirements for the developed model.

  • Informing a client on collisions for utility networks in the form of conflict list.

  • Correction of drawings of the work documentation by a client.

  • Changing the model during check of corrections put into the work documentation.

  • Issue of work documentation and corrected model.