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BIM-coordinating is a brain centre of building information modeling, which is a serious and important task of every design company using BIM technologies. Having accumulated all solutions suggested by your specialists and contractors, we will analyze developed solutions and issue a conflict list describing all collisions, and we will bring all parts of the model to one parameterization system and unified style.

Design steps

  • Filling out a questionnaire on the designed project

  • Preliminary calculation of design cost based on the filled questionnaire

  • Development and approval of a technical design task by a client

  • Correction of design cost

  • Development of calendar schedule for design work

  • Signing a contract

  • Work on the project at the stage of pre-design solutions

  • Development of design documentation

  • Expertise of the project documentation and obtaining a positive conclusion

  • Development of work documentation

  • Check of work documentation by a client

  • Signing acts for the work done

Optionally within the frames of general design, we take functions of a technical client performing such functions as:

  • Obtaining initial permitting documentation

  • Organizing design documentation expertise

  • Obtaining permission for construction

  • Control of construction contractors, financial audit and authorization of the facility to operate

  • Putting into operation