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Technical surveys of buildings and constructions

Technical surveys of buildings and constructions:

Technical surveys of buildings and constructions are means to guarantee safety of operating buildings or structures. In 2018 we conducted surveys of 21 facilities, developed technical solutions with recommendations on reconstruction and major repairs.

We can develop a technical solution with conclusions and recommendations, and we can take responsibility to develop a technical task to work out emergency measures, reconstruction or major repairs.

Design steps

  • Survey of geometry parameters of buildings

  • Engineering geological survey, ground soil analysis

  • Instrumental identification of defects and damages

  • Determination of factual characteristics of materials of main supporting structures and their elements

  • Calculation of real operational loads and effects

  • Estimation of pressures in supporting structures bearing operational loads

  • Determination of a real calculation scheme of a building or structure and their constructive elements

  • Check calculation of bearing load capacity of constructions based on results of a survey

  • Analysis of causes of defects and damages in structures