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Design of special sections

Design of special sections

If you attract specialists to design special sections of the design documentation on the first stages of construction development, you can avoid serious mistakes that may cause financial and time losses. We provide complex services to support the project by developing special sections of the design documentation..

Design steps

  • Engineering technical procedures of civil defence and prevention of emergencies

  • Special technical solutions to ensure fire safety

  • Industrial safety declaration

  • Requirements to ensure safety of an operating building

  • Procedures to ensure fire safety

  • Calculation of evacuation time

  • Fire safety declaration

  • Assessment of fire risks

  • Operational plan of fire extinguishing

  • Automatic system of fire alarm, signal and evacuation management

  • Automatic system of fire extinguishing (water, powder, gas etc.)

  • Project of construction organization

  • Projects of demolition work organization

  • List of procedures to ensure environmental safety

  • Assessment of influence on the environment

  • Project of health protection zones

  • Dendrology project

  • Special sections of the project documentation on optimization of systems of social and engineering facilities

  • Procedures to ensure access for people with special physical needs

  • Procedures to ensure requirements of energy efficiency and requirements for buildings and structures to be equipped with energy metering devices