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4D modeling comprises 3D modeling and calendar plan of the construction, so it will show existence of various elements at a certain time period. Visual calendar work schedule can be formed either with maximum details or just in general.

The whole process of the facility construction is presented in an animated video with a possibility to make a pause and write comments, define spatial and time collisions to optimize work of machines and builders.

Not only information on calendar plan of construction is put in 4D model which are connected with different elements of the facility but also objects that take part in the construction process and have great influence on it. Location of a building crane and square of its work, number and size of machines capable of going across the construction site per day, location and size of worker’s camp, waste disposal, etc., must be taken into account during planning of the construction. Illustrative and detailed visualization of a calendar plan helps not only to avoid mistakes and collisions but also to optimize process before the construction starts.

Advantages of 4D in comparison with traditional technologies

Shift from design on paper to CAD and from CAD to BIM gives plenty of additional unimaginable possibilities. Use of BIM not only decreases quantity and seriousness of mistakes but also increases efficiency of designers and improves dramatically quality of the final product.

4D technology allows to synchronize a model with a calendar graphs and see at what time which structures must be built and check elements of the building for crossings, analyze costs and just walk around the building etc.

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