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About our company

Information modeling of a building is an approach to the construction, equipment, maintenance and renovation of a building. It involves the collection and complex processing during the engineering process of all architectural, technological, economic and other information about the building with all its correlations and dependencies.

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Our advantages

Our team

Our team consists only of professionals, each specialist has enormous work experience in our field.

On time project completion

The introduction of modern automated systems for controlling the deadlines ensures the implementation of design works in a short time frame.

Fair pricing policy

We research the proposals of our competitors and know for sure: we offer the lowest prices among design and engineering companies.

Over 100 projects

Since the company was established, we have developed more than 400 projects of varying complexity and scope.

Quality assurance

The liability of our Company to counterparties is insured for 25,000,000 rubles.

6 years on the market

During this time, vast experience has been gained in solving the most complex architectural and construction problems.

Our clients

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